AcmeLight Textil - Svietiaca  farba v tme pre tlač na textil

AcmeLight Textil  má efekt aj po 10-14 hodinách svietenia v tme. Má široké využitie a je pripravená pre priamu tlač na tkanivá. AcmeLight Textil má vysokú kryciu schopnosť a je používaná pre tlač na svetlé, tmavé tkanivá  a pletené oblečenie.AcmeLight Textil vytvára dekoratívnu polymérnu vrstvu vyrobenú z exkluzívnej plastisolovej  farby pre tlač na tkanivá. Farba je plne pripravená na použitie.

Application: AcmeLight textile is widely used for printing on tissues, cuttings and ready items.



Application method: silkscreen method, you can get detailed application instructions on request. Net № 32-40 is necessary for usage.
Consumption: 1 liter for 6-10 m2.

Storage and precautions: store in the original closed tare, in the enclosed space under the temperature from +5 to +20°C. Shelf life – 12 months from the production date.
Paint reacts with the moisture, that is why all tanks for mixing and instruments should be absolutely dry. Relative humidity should not exceed 80 %!


Technical Information:

Glowing period:
6-8 hours

Fast Drying

cans of 0,5 liter., 1 liter. barrels 5 and 20 liters.


Storage life:
18 months from the date of manufacture.

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