There are a lot of ideas of business development in Internet. But not all of these ideas are valuable in practice. There should be a fresh idea in each proposal and you will get a real success . shama1only in this case nowadays. If you read this page, it means, that you are a person, which is looking for a new idea and that you are there, where all your demands correspond to our possibilitiesOur core of our proposal is exclusive “glowing” business: open the representative department of Acmelight company in your country. Sure, it is easier to get ready ideas for business , and to start work on it under the reliable patronage, than to start business from scratch with no guarantee of success. Cooperation with us is thought-out up to some small details system, programmed for success.

The effect of glowing paint - is a difficult chemical process. cherednichenko1 The surface, coated by glowing paint layer, accumulates the energy from natural, as well as artificial sources during the day, and as the result it emits the light at the darkness. Therefore, it is possible to get the glowing of such surfaces as: metal, concrete, wood, textiles, glass, plastic, paper and even fresh flowers. While the range of our products application is quite wide, all our products are certified. сертифицирована.

You can see a special speech in video format below on the page. It lasts only 2 minutes but covers the whole essence of our proposal.


Our proposal is thought - out up to some small details system, programmed for success. All what you need is to use ready ideas for business in your country. Are you ready to create your own successful, and most importantly guaranteed profitable business? Probably you will have some questions:

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